Terms and Condition

Terms & Condition

We provide an online service that would facilitate the process of issuing permits to allow foreign travelers to visit the Saudi territory. Our agents will assist you in the process of obtaining the Travel Authorisation issued by the Saudi Government.

After filling in the form provided on our website, the request for travel authorization will be processed immediately. The Saudi request must be approved by the Saudi Government, but in most cases will be processed and granted in 24 hours. However, there may be delays caused by the insertion of incorrect or incomplete data, or problems of electronic transmission. Our operators, once granted permission, send email pdf file containing authorization code attached to your passport for entry into Saudi within 24-48 hour. Please, be warning: sometime Saudi Government take until 7 working days to answer. If you click on the button below, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions of use and sale.

Saudi permissions are generally valid for 1 year or until your passport expires, in case the sooner. During the period of validity will be able to travel several times in Saudi without having to request another authorization Saudi.

Before making the payment to receive permission, you will have the opportunity to verify the correctness of the data entered and make any necessary changes. In case of errors, it is important that the incorrect information be corrected before proceeding with processing the request. After confirming the details, you will be prompted to enter the details of your credit card to pay for the service.

All content on this site is the property of Saudi or its authors and are protected by international copyright and use of the trademark.

Saudi Offers a support system to get for a travel authorization in Saudi. it is possible to obtain travel authorization independently, without the support of our service. Saudi is a private website independent, and unconnected to the official website of the Saudi Government or the websites of the embassies.

Privacy: We use the information we collect to provide the services you request. We do not share your personal information with third-party marketers, but we need to share them with Saudi Government that give you authorization to enter in its territory. If you do not wish to provide your personal information to us, we may not be able to assist you in the process of obtaining the Travel Authorisation issued by the Saudi Government.

I acknowledge that all the information I provided are true and reliable. In addition, I pledge to abide to the laws and rules of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and respect the customs and Islamic traditions of its people during my stay. I acknowledge my understanding that the specialized authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have the right to deny my entry and can send me back to where I came from if I did not comply with the rules and laws; or if the information under which I received my visa are proven to be incorrect.

I am fully aware that all intoxicating substances, narcotic drugs, indecent materials and publications, as well as publications related to any religious beliefs or political tendencies that contradict with Islam are prohibited in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I am fully aware of the procedures and controls regarding the batch-release and clearance of medicines, containing narcotic or psychotropic substances that are possessed for personal use by patients arriving and departing from The Kingdom. Such procedures and controls are provided in the link below:http://www.sfda.gov.sa/ar/drug/drug_reg/pages/drug_reg.aspx. I am also aware that if these regulations and controls are transgressed, I shall be subjected to sanctions and penalties stated in the Law of Combating Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances.

I have never been deported from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or any other GCC country, nor that I have violated their rules.

I have never been deported from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or any other GCC country, nor that I have violated their rules. I pledge to Abide to the type of visa I was provided and to its terms and duration; and I shall leave the country before the expiry date specified within the visa. I am also fully aware of the penalty I shall endure in case of my violation to the rules of the Kingdom or to my entry visa; and I shall be subject to the penalty and the execution of the punishments stipulated by the laws regulating the process of handling people entering the Kingdom with visas for Hajj or Umrah and other types of visa issued by the Royal Decree No (m / 42), on 18 / 10 / 1404 H and amended by Royal Decree No (m/9) on 1/5/1420 H. As well as the sanctions on violators of residency and work regulations promulgated by the Council of Ministers resolution No (140) on 6/5/1434 H.

I acknowledge the right of the Saudi authorities to repatriate me from the port of entry at my own expense or deport the Saudi territory after entering it. I acknowledge the right of the Saudi authorities to apply the penalties provided by Law if proven that after I received my visa or residence permit, that I have submitted incorrect papers or documents or provided false statements to any Saudi authority locally or abroad in order to obtain a visa for myself or for someone else; for the reason of entry or to obtain a residence permit or any other official visa. Or being a contributor or partner in providing such information or documents that do not match the truth.

I acknowledge that drug dealing or smuggling drugs into the Kingdom is a crime punishable by death penalty.

I acknowledge and pledge again that all written information shall be correct and exactly as it is written in my passport that will be used in my travel and entrance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and I take full responsibility for it. If it is proven otherwise -or my name appears to be included in a list containing the banned people, then my request shall be rejected, or my visa shall be canceled automatically once granted. Moreover, I acknowledge the right to the Saudi authorities to deport me back to the port of entry at my own expense and I shall not have the right to claim compensation.

I understand that I am not permitted to use the tourist visa for any purpose other than tourism, and that I should not practice any paid or non-paid work related activity, nor perform Hajj during my stay in Saudi Arabia

I acknowledge that there are no medical treatment purposes behind the visit.

Visa application fees are nonrefundable